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Monday, June 1st at 12pm EDT

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what you'll learn

the three keys for bringing your business to life with magic ✨

how to use witchcraft to confidently make complex business decisions

why most money magic is a band-aid, not a lasting boost​

meet the teachers

Ren Zatopek

Ren is a business owner and a witch.

She teaches animistic spiritworktraditional witchcraft, and trance theory to help freethinkers and old souls navigate life’s most challenging mysteries so that they can experience the deep connections they crave and embody the potentials they know they possess.

She’s the creator of the HUMANspiritwork online training and has over 15 years of experience in private practice as a spiritual counselor, spiritual healer, and witch-for-hire (space clearings, spell craftings, candle dressing, charm weaving and more), as well as extensive experience leading groups in ritual, trance journey, and rites of passage.

She’s bringing the cunning craft to our free class so you’ll have the broomstick to let your business take flight!

Sarah M. Chappell

Sarah is a witch and a business owner.

She works as a tarot mentor and holistic business coach to help folks craft lives of self-care and service.

With over 15 years of sales, marketing, and communications experience, she now support healers, mystics, and makers in harnessing both strategy and intuition to make more money and help more people through her coaching and programs.

She’s bringing the biz sense to our free class so you’ll have strategy to ground your witchin’.


This is not light a scented candle and hope for the best stuff.
It's also not incense to make people do my bidding stuff.

This is deeply ethical, animistic, traditional witchcraft and proven business strategy thrown into one beautiful online cauldron so you can answer your soul's calling and make money without being a douchebag.