a yearlong


Have you seen other witches and spiritual entrepreneurs using similar strategies to grow their businesses, but getting way bigger results than you?

And you’re saying to yourself, “what am I missing?”

So you keep looking for the one key that will unlock the potential of your business.

That one strategy, tool, or tip that will give you the income and impact you’re meant for, even though they never seem to make much of a difference. 

If you’ve been growing your business for any length of time, you’ve already realized that strategy is not the key to success.

But if not strategy, then what do you need to master in order to make more money and help more people?

Look, we get it. We’ve been there, looking outside of ourselves for answers. 

For meaning. For validation.

But what if you are the answer?

Your magic. Your power.

It’s time to answer the call of your soul by harnessing the forces of the universe and your deepest self to finally get what you want.

You can make magic and money.

This is some subtle shit. 💩

Maybe you already make magic. Maybe you’re already a witch.

But do you wait for shit to hit the fan before you turn to spellcraft?

Is magic the last resort in your life and business—even though you wish you had a consistent practice? 

Burn coming in hot: if you don’t ever do magic, you won’t be good at it.

And you won’t be able to use it to grow your business, make more money, and impact more lives.


It’s a year from now. You wake up refreshed and ready to start your day. You easily ignore your phone’s notifications and head straight to your altar, where your morning practice grounds you into possibility and reminds you of the massive success the past year has brought you.

As part of your ritual, you check your bank account, smiling. Your relationship with your business is so strong that you’re no longer afraid to see what numbers are there. When the site loads, your smile gets even bigger: another record-breaking month, all while you’ve been moving through your days with ease.

Bolstered by your financial success and the simple joy of actually feeling confident in your business, you head to your desk for a couple hours of work before taking the rest of the day off. Tonight is the New Moon, so you want some time to yourself before setting up your divination ritual to ensure that your upcoming launch is the next aligned step in your business.

After the ritual, you slip into bed with a book, and unwind even as your heart is full of excitement: you actually cannot wait to wake up tomorrow and do it all again.

What would be possible if you wove your magic into the fabric of your life, fueling your business and yourself with the connective fiber of the universe?


So let’s spend a year making the magic happen, both for you as a magical being and for your magical business.

what is a



A magical business is alive. We know corporate personhood is a dubious aspect of capitalism, but, as witches we see the value in treating our business as a living entity.

And, because we work with it as a living spirit, we apply what we know about healthy relationships to our business—we don’t let it treat us like shit and control our lives. And we don’t treat it like shit—giving it no room to grow, no voice or agency of its own. 

Witchcraft is passionate, and a magical business can be the love of a lifetime. It’s an opportunity to learn about our own passions, desires, and the deepest calling of our soul. It’s a playground for growing our courage and freeing our unique vision and voice.

A magical business is a mirror, showing us in concrete numbers where we’re holding back, where we’re afraid, and where we’re not communicating freely and effectively. 

But, unlike a hobby, a business isn’t just about us and what we enjoy doing. Businesses serve. A magical business is an invitation into greater purpose, where we discover the intersection of what we want to do and what the world needs. A magical business strives to be in healthy and delightful relationship with all of the folk that choose to step into our world and be changed by our work. 

The magical business is a vehicle for initiation. You will discover new parts and powers and whole landscapes of feeling and insight within yourself, within the places where you work, and within your deep memory of the magical folks who came before us. You will be asked to dig into your depths, your shadows, your limiting beliefs, and do a hardcore Korean-spa-level scrub cleansing of all the bullshit dogma you’ve picked up over the years. 

Better still, the magical business is a vehicle for integration. We get to make all of our initiatory work mean something for our day to day lives and our communities.  We get to turn all that inner-purpose into outer-action!

Through our magical business we cultivate wisdom and wealth, for ourselves, for our customers, and for our communities. And, the best part, when wisdom and wealth grow hand-in-hand, we don’t end up with more money than god and no awareness that the joy of abundance comes from sharing. Money doesn’t have to turn you into monster if you know how to approach it like a mystic.

Who better than witches to look something dangerous and taboo in the eye and turn it into a tool for blessing? 

why you need

Magical Business


You’ve taken courses. You’ve watched all the YouTube videos. Maybe you’ve even done a group coaching program to help you grow your business.

So why do you need mentorship?

And what even is mentorship?

A mentorship is a relationship where folks with more knowledge, experience, and connections in a particular area (👋 that’s Ren and Sarah) share those resources with folks who are still developing those tools and skills.

This is different than just a teacher giving information (but yes, Craft Your Biz includes teaching; we don’t expect you to already know how to tread a mill or embed spells into your sales copy), or group coaching where a leader asks you a ton of annoying but useful questions (but questions are magic, so we’ll be asking them, and we do expect you to answer).

Mentorship, at its core, is the facilitation of relationship and the conveyance of experience.

Mentorship collapses time (how’s that for some witchy shit) so you can leverage Ren and Sarah’s 30+ combined years of magical and business knowledge to grow your business without having to spend 30+ years getting the information and building the skillset that you need.

Instead, you just get to ask us.

And Craft Your Biz takes mentorship to the next level by situating it within community.

Unlike a traditional mentorship where someone is the leader and someone is the follower, Craft Your Biz is gathering a small cohort of brilliant witchy folk (like you!) who can also share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the entire community as we move through the year together.

In mentorship, you are no longer alone. You do not need to have all of the answers, or just “figure it out.” 

In mentorship—especially in the group mentorship of Craft Your Biz—you (and your magical business) are held, so your goals and dreams can become reality.

magical business mastery

month by month

  • one + raising the altar
  • two + cords, ties, & relationships
  • three + future, fate, & alignment
  • four + vision & voice
  • five + attraction & glamour
  • six + money & selling
  • seven + vitality & cleansing
  • eight + protection & boundaries
  • nine + creativity & insight
  • ten + community & collaboration
  • eleven + reflection & integration
  • twelve + growth & sustainability

Dedicate yourself to your journey of service and explore your relationship to that particularly tricky business beast: time.

Meet the Spirit of your business and begin to develop the deep relationship that will bring your sacred work to fruition.

Connect with your spirit allies and spellcraft to find the alignment of goals and actions that will help your business grow.

Integrate your identity into your business to banish imposter syndrome and free your vision + voice.

Shapeshift while staying true to yourself so you can attract your dream customers and heal your relationship to your own expertise.

Make friends with the complicated Spirit of Money so you can generate revenue without feeling like you’re selling out.

Honor rest and renewal by embracing your soul’s capacity for change without blowing up your entire business because you’re burnt out.

Craft your own strength that stems from within so you are no longer dependent on external structures for validation or protection.

Court playfulness and creativity through scrying and channeling your own inspiration—even when you feel like you’ll never have a good idea again.

Broaden your Unseen Biz Team and develop meaningful communities for those you support with your work.

Learn to lean on ritual to assess, reflect, and integrate what’s working, what’s not, and where you want to be. You have drunk deep of your own capacity to create change: who are you now? And what do you have to give?

Firmly rooted in a year of magic you ask, what is possible now? What do you wish for? And how can you use your magic to bring it to life?


no, i love you more.

the details

  • One Mentorship Magic call each month to learn traditional witchcraft and spiritwork techniques to grow your business
  • One Community Crafting call each month to collectively share experience and discuss your workings (witches have homework, too!)
  • Recordings of all calls for keepsies, so you never need to worry about missing a session and can review the teachings at any time
  • Spellcraft and inner work activities each month to ground theory into practice and magic into reality
  • A place to ask all of your questions about both the magical and marketing sides of your business (we approve of double dipping)
  • Online community forum so you can easily reach Sarah and Ren, and draw on the collective for aid in (witch)crafting your biz




Dear Baby Witch,

You’re adorable. Look at those cheeks.

Here’s the deal: we are not here to try and impress you with our arcane knowledge. You don’t need to know the difference between a SATOR SQUARE and a STANG to do this training.

Ren has crafted a language for teaching magic and witchcraft that is threateningly simple. Threatening, because you won’t get to hide behind confusion or lack of knowledge.

Beginners are absolutely welcome on one condition: you aren’t attached to staying a beginner.

After you’ve done this work for a year and stoked the hidden flame of your magical business and allowed your business to move your soul in turn…you won’t be a beginner anymore.

Prolly not.

We are diving into the depths and exploring new worlds with your business as the map. Without at least a sketch, you will not have the guidance needed to support yourself on this journey.

We don’t expect you to know the latest launch strategies, have your lead generation on lock, or be a Facebook Ads ninja, but in order to answer the call to this mentorship, you do need to know what you do.

Sarah’s gifts are in making business strategy simple, but you must hold the vision for the business you desire in order for her to play marketing matchmaker.

Is your levitation leading to sales tho?



Magic is all about working with hidden and unlikely relationships. So you’ve got an unlikely relationship with gravity—that’s awesome. Now it’s time to discover what superpower might emerge if you gave the spirit of your business that kind of love!

No. Not really.

Imagine you are signing up to learn Karate or Argentine Tango for the first time. It’s going to challenge your mind and body. You may feel uncoordinated or confused. You are going to fall. Odds are high that you’ll get an elbow to the face at some point. It is not as safe as staying home and reading a book.

On the other hand, it will make a big difference if you have an instructor that is committed to teaching you how to train as safely as possible–a teacher that knows that productive training lies somewhere between zero risk and frequent injury.

We’re here to push you out of your comfort zone and into the growth zone as safely as possible. We’re your sky-diving instructors. You’re going to understand your parachute inside and out before we jump out of the plane.

But we are going to jump. Witchcraft is life-changing. It is not safe.

Craft Your Biz starts on the Summer Solstice and lasts for one year. Hope you like our jokes, because this sales page is only a drop in the cauldron.

There are no refunds for Craft Your Biz.

We’re here to support you in blowing your fucking year out of the water, and part of that is requiring a commitment from you that you are fully invested in this program. It is to YOUR benefit to decide BEFORE investing and committing to working with Sarah and Ren that we’re the right fit for you. If you’re in, you need to be 100% in, just as we will be for you.

meet the teachers


Coffee is magic

Sarah is a witch and a business owner.

She works as a tarot mentor and holistic business coach to help folks craft lives of self-care and service.

With over 15 years of sales, marketing, and communications experience, she now support healers, mystics, and makers in harnessing both strategy and intuition to make more money and help more people through her coaching and programs.

Sarah is the founder of the Holistic Business Academy, and the host of the top spirituality podcast So You Wanna Be Witch.

She’s bringing the biz sense to Craft Your Biz so you’ll have strategy to ground your witchin’.



Braids are spells

Ren is a business owner and a witch.

She teaches animistic spiritwork, traditional witchcraft, and trance theory to help freethinkers and old souls navigate life’s most challenging mysteries so that they can experience the deep connections they crave and embody the potentials they know they possess.

She’s the creator of the HUMANspiritwork online training and has over 15 years of experience in private practice as a spiritual counselor, spiritual healer, and witch-for-hire (space clearings, spell craftings, candle dressing, charm weaving and more), as well as extensive experience leading groups in ritual, trance journey, and rites of passage.

Ren is an initiate of the Ced Tradition of Heretical Witchcraft and of Raven’s Cry GroveÁr nDraíocht Féin. Ren has studied death midwifery with Sacred Crossings, faery seership with House of Brigh, and bodywork and energetic healing at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing

She’s bringing the cunning craft to Craft Your Biz so you’ll have the broomstick to let your business take flight!

our work begins

Summer Solstice

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